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by Campaign ~ May 12th, 2011. Filed under: fundraising.

Dear Friends,

This spring is a fearful time for many across the Arab world who face violence and repression as they dare to ask for fairness and decent treatment from their governments.  It is also a fearful time for the many across the UK who face redundancies, precarious working and benefits cuts, worrying about how to make ends meet.

But it is also a time of possibility.  This is a special moment of public and media pressure on government spending.  Military spending has already been cut – though it still enjoys a relatively privileged position in comparison with other government departments.

We want military spending to reduce permanently, not just in a time of ‘austerity’.  We also want more to be spent on peacebuilding and alternatives to military action.   This is an exciting time to be talking about how much the government ought to be spending, and on what, with millions of people feeling reluctant to continue paying for weapons when vital public services are deemed to be worthless.

Please help us to keep up the pressure this spring, by giving as much as you can to enable us to keep working.  With your help, conscience will always be a voice amid the chaos, resisting complicity in war and suffering.

In peace,
Gayle Kinkead
Campaigns and Communications Officer

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Please download and print our appeal letter here and detach this slip and return it with your cheque made out to ‘conscience’ to:

N19 5BR

Please note that as we are not a charity we can’t accept CAF vouchers

thank you for your support

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