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Musicians Against Nuclear Arms (MANA) requires an administrator. This job is part time and with flexible hours and working arrangements. With the support of a committee, the work involves administering concerts, liaising with musicians and venues. Other responsibilities are editing a quarterly newsletter, dealing with membership matters, arranging and attending committee meetings in London and generally overseeing all MANA activities and office work. Knowledge of the peace movement and an interest in music is essential. All necessary equipment, including a phone line is supplied, with a basic salary and expenses. Apply with CV by email to Tony Lamb, chair,

Musicians Against Nuclear Arms (MANA) was founded in 1983, At this time, a number of other peace groups from different professions, such as  lawyers, doctors, scientists and clergy were also formed. Still in the Cold War, the nuclear issue at that time was very much in the public arena, and it was acknowledged that various professional bodies, with their own expertise could make an impact within the broader peace movement.

MANA quickly became a leading light in this field, with many high profile performers giving concerts for peace.  The renowned guitarist John Williams has been  MANA’s president since its inception, and many international musicians have become patrons of the organisation. As music is an international language, musicians from around the world can join forces and perform together. A notable event in 1989 was the participation of MANA in an extraordinary venture instigated by International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) in which, under the baton of MANA patron Antal Dorati,  musicians from over 30 nations joined together in the performance of Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis in West Berlin, Dresden, Moscow and London.  With IPPNW, MANA was responsible for the London concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

As well as the regular more high profile concerts, such as the annual orchestral Concert for Peace at St James’s Piccadilly, MANA members perform in smaller venues and localities.  These concerts are invaluable to the peace movement, not only as expressions of harmony and unity, but also necessary fund raising events, and a vehicle to promote public awareness.

For the last 20 years, MANA administrator Joan Horrocks has worked tirelessly for the organisation.  We are now urgently looking for her replacement. The position has scope for someone with imagination and initiative.   The successful applicant will work alongside a supportive executive committee.  A love of music, good administrative skills and some knowledge of the peace movement are essential. Alongside the day to day running of the organisation, working with musicians and setting up of concerts is rewarding and exciting.

The position is part time, and has a small remuneration.

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