ACTION: war taxes paid under protest

by Campaign ~ January 16th, 2013. Filed under: News.

Meet at 2.15pm, Bridget Street Exit, Westminster tube (SW1). We will be at the headquarters of the tax office on Parliament Street at 2.30pm.

Date: Thursday, 17 January.

Bring: banners on military spending, or we’ll give you some.

This Thursday, 17 January, conscience will be supporting War Resisters’ International (WRI) in their paying their war taxes, which WRI have withheld for five years, under protest to HMRC.


War taxes paid under protest

War Resisters’ International has been withholding a proportion of PAYE since 2007 as a form of protest against Britain’s military policies – the high level of military spending, the cooperation with criminal programmes such as the “rendition” of suspects, spurious rationales for military intervention, and the development and manufacture weapons of mass destruction and drones for long-distance assassination.

At a time of crisis“, said WRI chairperson Howard Clark, “most people detest tax evasion and want to defend public spending to meet social needs. We too. We have not evaded taxes, but openly withhold them as a public protest against government lies and disregard for international norms in its participation in military intervention.

WRI have been threatened with legal action various times, and on Saturday 19th January, bailiffs contracted by HMRC will enter WRI’s offices and confiscate computers, printers and other equipment that will make it impossible to continue working. Therefore on Thursday 17th January, WRI will pay this debt under protest, in person and in cash, at the Headquarters of HM Revenue and Customs in Parliament Street.

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