meet the real peacebuilders

by Campaign ~ July 3rd, 2013. Filed under: News.

Meet the real peacebuilders by clicking here.

Today conscience TAXES FOR PEACE NOT WAR starts its new campaign Meet the Real Peacebuilders. We are showcasing one new peacebuilder each month highlighting the valuable non-violent peacebuilding work that is currently being carried out across the world. conscience wants to show government that there are effective, alternative solutions to military security that you can pay tax for with a clear conscience.

We are using these real life examples of peacekeeping work to campaign for the improvement and development of the government’s inter-departmental Conflict Pool. The Conflict Pool funds conflict prevention, stabilisation and peacekeeping activities to reduce the number of people around the world whose lives are affected by violent conflict. To find out more about the Conflict Pool visit our dedicated page here.

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