finally concerns over future plans to replace Trident voiced by former defence minister

by Campaign ~ December 18th, 2013. Filed under: News.

Former Conservative Defence Minister James Arbuthnot has expressed recognition that we need to accept the fact “nuclear deterrence does not provide the certainty it seems to in the past. It’s not an insurance policy, it is a potential booby trap”. In discussing the endless problems concerned with replacing the unpopular Trident programme that has long been lacking support by the general public, Guardian commenters have been vocal in expressing their thoughts. With over 337 comments posted so far, many have taken to remark upon whether replacing Trident is the right course of action, touching upon issues of cost, double standards, legitimate need to do so and the reality of threats we face in the 21st century.

It was also revealed that the British military has been subject to austerity measures itself with ‘more than 30,000 jobs…axed and the army being reduced by a fifth’. The proposed plans to replace Trident with four super submarines have been estimated to cost up to £70-80 billion.

Some commentators have discussed whether or not this is purely a vanity project and what more not the best use of tax payers money – what about supporting the NHS? Others emphasise whether such measures are necessary, do we really face such a Nuclear Armageddon to warrant such extravagant expenditure, over exaggeration to the amount that makes everyone paranoid to the fact we are to succumb to World War Three any moment. Whilst supporting the comments made by a Tory MP for looking at things objectively the theme underlined through many commentators views is whether replacing Trident with such an expensive project is the only way to guarantee our national safety? It is difficult not to mention how such a propose plan is indeed a double standard that the West (who are seen as undeniably the ‘good guys’) are entitled to hold such despicable weapons capable of mass destruction.

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