Conscience has arrived at Conference

by Outreach ~ September 28th, 2015. Filed under: News.



If you believe in signs, here is a killer one for you. When I arrived in Brighton late on Saturday night and jumped into a taxi (as my suitcase is packed full to the brim with Conscience leaflets), the lovely gentleman driving me to my accommodation began, unprompted, to talk about the taxpayer’s rights, and focused specifically on the feeling of complicity at being forced to pay for overseas military intervention. Needless to say I left the taxi with a suitcase one leaflet lighter.

What a great way to begin a week of raising awareness and building parliamentary support of our bill. We spent the first day of Conference networking at events, leafleting outside the main conference hall, and walking around exhibition stands, sharing our message with like-minded groups who received it with enthusiasm. A highlight of the day was attending a Christian’s on The Left Service, in which we were lucky enough to talk to the leader of the movement, who was very interested in arranging a meeting with us at a later date.

We attended a discussion hosted by the Keir Hardy Society (former leader of the Labour Party, and supporter of the conscientious objection movement) in which Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech about the founder of the Labour party’s legacy of peace. Shaughan, our campaigns manager, asked the panel what Keir Hardy would have thought about the current coercion of the taxpayer into paying for our country’s military behaviour. The speaker responded by discussing the challenge facing the Labour Party over the next 5 years in providing a counter force to our government’s emphasis on military security.

Today is a much busier day, including several meetings with MPs, and some important events in which we can raise awareness of our Taxes For Peace Bill. So on that note, I must rush off to meet with our first MP of the conference, Richard Burgon. We are going to be blogging about conference every day, so make sure you keep updated with our progress.

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