Day two at conference

by Outreach ~ September 29th, 2015. Filed under: News.

Today we started the conference by attending the British Humanist Association’s ‘no prayer’ breakfast. The panel included Clive Lewis – a former Army reservist in Afghanistan and newly elected MP for Norwich South.

Clive’s military experience has led him to be very supportive of peace campaigns. We introduced ourselves and the campaign, and arranged to meet to discuss his support of the Taxes for Peace Bill after conference.


Shortly after we were due to meet with Stephen Twigg MP and Richard Burgon MP. Unfortunately in the chaos of the conference they were both called away at the last minute. Both are still keen to meet with Conscience and we look forward discussing peace and security issues with them.

We also met with Terry, who has been a Conscience member for over ten years. We went to leaflet outside the Christians on the Left annual multi-faith forum and discuss with delegates of all faiths how those of pacifist religious observances don’t have their rights of conscience recognised through the tax system.

We’ve had interest from members of several faith communities and we hope to build on that support as we move closer to centenary of the Military Service Act.

In the evening, we attended the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament fringe for a discussion on how Labour can be moved to abolish Trident. Our Campaign Manager added to the floor debate:

“Trident is symptomatic of a wider problem that military spending has been far to high, for far too long. Many supporters of CND will be pacifists – how is it fair that they will be conscripted through the tax system into funding dangerous white elephants like Trident?”

Tomorrow we meet with Ruth Cadbury MP, a Quaker, whom Conscience hopes will become a Parliamentary champion for the Taxes for Peace bill.

Another busy day at the conference that never sleeps!

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