Taxes for Peace Bill Rally

by Shaughan Dolan ~ January 30th, 2017. Filed under: News.

The Taxes for Peace Bill has been rescheduled for the 24th of March 2017! This Bill is the next step forward in the future of fully recognising the human rights of conscientious objectors. In an effort to gain support for the Bill, we will hold a panel discussion where we will hear from some of the UK’s leading peacemakers.

We are delighted to welcome Jonathan Cohen and Symon Hill as our speakers for the event. Jonathan Cohen is the Executive Director of Conciliation Resources, an independent international organisation which works with people in conflict, to prevent violence, resolve conflicts and promote peaceful societies.

Symon Hill is the Coordinator of the Peace Pledge Union, the oldest secular pacifist organisation in Britain, which has been campaigning for a world without war since 1934.

Murad Qureshi is Chair of Stop the War Coalition and a Board Member of BRAC UK, an International NGO that is part of the BRAC family. The organisation seeks to alleviate poverty and empower the poor in the UK and abroad. It is currently raising funds for relief and rehabilitation work in the cyclone-affected areas of Bangladesh.

Where? Friends House, 173-177 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ 

When? Monday 27th February, 7pm-9pm

RSVP? Eventbrite, Facebook or Meetup!

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