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by Shaughan Dolan ~ March 9th, 2017. Filed under: Uncategorized.

Dear Editor,

Each reader of this column will likely contribute £500 towards the deliberate killing of others this year.

On March 24th the Taxes for Peace Bill is due to be debated in Parliament. This Bill would allow anyone who considers themselves a conscientious objector to war to redirect the military portion of their taxes towards nonviolent means of ensuring national security.

It would appear to me, in a world where money is manpower on the battlefield that this is what 21st Century conscientious objection looks like.

This very much in keeping with Quakers, who amongst many other religious groups who undertook non-violent service in defence of the nation during both World Wars.

Unfortunately, due to parliamentary pressure, the Bill is unlikely to receive the debate it deserves.

We need to have a national conversation about our financial complicity in state violence. After all, we get the world we pay for – so let’s pay for peace, justice and security for all UK citizens – without resorting to violence.

If you believe in a vision of Taxes for Peace join the Conscience campaign today at www.ConscienceOnline.org.uk

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