Researching our parliamentary campaigns for a Peace Tax from 1993 to 2006

by Karen Robinson ~ June 16th, 2020. Filed under: News.

Conscience Campaign Worker, Karen Robinson, has been learning more about our parliamentary campaigns for a Peace Tax in the period 1993 to 2006.

She found a fascinating parliamentary research briefing ‘Hypothecated Taxation’, written by Antony Seely in 2011, which has a section on ‘A peace tax’.  It includes the text of a speech Neil Gerrard made in 1994 presenting his Ten Minute Rule Bill, ‘Conscientious Objection (Public Expenditure) Bill’, and a speech made by John McDonnell in 1998 introducing his Ten Minute Rule Bill, ‘Military Expenditure (Conscientious Objection) Bill’.

These speeches, and a description of hypothecated taxation, are included in Karen’s latest blog; ‘Campaigning in parliament for a Peace Tax’:

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