Ask your MP: Please do all you can to change the government’s mind about nuclear weapons

by Jonathan Maunders ~ August 17th, 2021. Filed under: get involved, News.

We are asking you to contact your MP to change the government’s stance on nuclear weapons.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine reminds us of the horrifying danger of nuclear weapons. The conflict risks snowballing into nuclear war between Russia and western nations. Russia and Nato have over 12,000 nuclear weapons between them and just one of these warheads could cause over a million casualties. The threat of nuclear war is at its greatest in decades and it is vital the UK, a member of Nato, does its part to avoid it.

In July 2017, over 120 countries voted to adopt the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  In October 2020 the 50th country ratified the Treaty which meant it became international law on 22nd January 2021. Not only does it prohibit the use of nuclear weapons but also related activities such as developing, testing or manufacturing nuclear weapons and assisting others with any prohibited activities. To date, the UK has neither signed nor ratified the Treaty.

In March 2021 the UK government announced that it was going to increase the ceiling on its stockpile of nuclear warheads by more than 40%, from 180 to 260, by 2025.  This is contrary to the UK’s obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

We believe that nuclear weapons are immoral and illegal.  And that they are irrelevant to tackling the major threats to our society – pandemics and climate change.  They use up precious resources when we desperately need investment in our health service, in tackling climate change and in building green infrastructure.

Moreover, spending money on nuclear weapons does not bring about the peace we all crave.  It means fewer resources to direct towards conflict resolution and tackling the causes of war.

Click here to contact your MP. 

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