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Applying for exemption from military service in Colombia: a personal account

A guest blog by Santiago Forero about his experience of applying for exemption from military service in Colombia In Colombia military service has been mandatory throughout our history.  Every male has to register with the military by their 18th birthday.  However there are some exemptions to military service.  Conscientious objection is now one of the […]

Stories of three people who conscientiously objected to war

On 2 July Conscience was delighted to welcome Symon Hill, Campaigns and Communications Manager at the Peace Pledge Union, as our guest speaker at our first webinar, ‘Voices of Conscientious Objection’. Many of you will know, the Peace Pledge Union is a pacifist network promoting active nonviolence and challenging militarism. Learning more about the early […]

Campaigning in parliament for a Peace Tax

The last time Conscience launched a Bill in parliament, trying to change the law so that citizens have the right to conscientiously object to paying the military proportion of their taxes, was in 2016. The Bill called for a Peace Tax.  You can read about the Taxes for Peace Bill 2016 here: https://www.conscienceonline.org.uk/our-previous-work/new-taxes-for-peace-draft-bill/ I have […]

Anne’s story

Anne McCullagh-DLyske is a war tax resister and an Executive Committee member of Conscience: Taxes For Peace Not War.  She is also the Coordinator of Conscience in Scotland. She has been tireless in organising the 15th International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns which is taking place in Edinburgh later this month. […]