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six easy ways to get involved

1. write to your mp

Our research into peacebuilding has uncovered a little known government body funded by our taxes which is already, in a small way, acting as a Peace Tax Fund. The Conflict Pool supports initiatives in non-military means of preventing and resolving conflict. However, the Conflict Pool is so small that even some MPs are not aware of its existence. In addition, the Conflict Pool isn’t perfect – we need you to help us put the case to government that this vital resource is under-funded and must be better managed. These are the funds that can help or hinder the efforts made by real peacebuilders.

Your MP is accountable to you and will nearly always take the time to respond in person. Your local MP may well know very little about the topic covered but might be prompted to find out more after reading your letter.

Click here for letter writing tips and an example of a letter to send to your MP.

Using these real examples of peacebuilding conscience is campaigning for the development of the Conflict Pool. Meet the Real Peacebuilders here.</>

2. Spread our message

If you are attending a festival, community event or local group meeting and are able to share some of our leaflets please let us know. We are happy to post a small number of leaflets to anyone who is willing to help us spread our message. Please email us at info (at) or call 0203 515 9132 for more information.

3. donate your time

There are many ways to donate some time to conscience. This could be through volunteering at our London office, or at one of our events. You could also donate a skill, i.e. if you are a designer/artist/fundraiser/researcher or have another skill which you think would be useful for the campaign contact us about donating some of your skills and time.

4. tell a friend

We aim to inform the wider public about non-military security and one way we do this is through our supporters. Help us to do this by telling a friend about conscience and the work we do. Pass on a leaflet or our membership form (you can download it here) and spread the word!

5. peace tax returns

Self assessment couldn’t be easier, with our online peace tax return! Regardless of how you pay your taxes, if you conscientiously object to your taxes paying for war then please complete our online peace tax return. Simply take a few minutes to fill it in and submit the form to let HMRC know why you want your taxes to be spent on peace not war!

Alternatively, you can download a copy of our paper return here, print it and post it to HMRC.

6. contribute to conscience‘s page of peace

Show conscience why you support peace! We are collecting images, quotes, stories – anything at all – to demonstrate why we are proud to campaign for peace. To view the page, please click here.

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