Our previous work (2004-2018)


On this page we are gathering together details of our previous work.  This includes the Conscience report, ‘The Minister for Peace and Disarmament: An Assessment’, which Dr Tim Street was commissioned to write in 2018.  The photograph above shows the launch of the report in parliament. Full details of the report can be found here: Minister for Peace and Disarmament

The last time Conscience launched a bill in parliament, to try to change the law to recognise the right to conscientiously object to financial conscription, was in 2016.  It called for individuals to have the right to opt for the military part of our taxes to go to peaceful purposes instead.  You can read the bill here: Taxes for Peace Bill 2016

Between 2014-2016, Conscience commented on the work of the Conflict, Security & Stability Fund, as part of its work considering what the military part of our taxes should be spent on instead; Conflict, Security and Stability Fund

Between 2013-2014 Conscience ran a series called ‘Meet the Real Peacebuilders’, describing the work of individuals working non-violently for peace in their communities; Meet the Real Peacebuilders

The Peace Tax Seven were a group of individual UK citizens whose consciences led them to withhold tax until the government respected their right to not be complicit in deliberate killing.  They fought for the legal recognition of freedom of conscience as a basic human right to be realised in UK tax policy.  In 2004 they sought a judicial review.  Over a period of nine years they took their case to the British High Court, through the Appeal Court and finally to the European Court of Human Rights.  You can read about their story here; Peace Tax Seven (Judicial Review)


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