Military Spending in the UK

Below the right hand menu on this website, there is a tool, ‘Current military spending‘.  You can see two figures increasing rapidly.  They show the rate of expenditure on the military in the UK, and globally.  Pausing to watch the figures increasing so fast, and reflecting on what the money could be spent on instead, is sobering.

Conscience Factsheet

Conscience Education For Peace has produced the following factsheet:

Military Spending in the United Kingdom

You can download the factsheet here:

Conscience Factsheet. Military Spending in the UK.

Other resources

Global Campaign On Military Spending – UK

Conscience is one of the supporting organisations of the Global Campaign On Military Spending-UK (GCOMS-UK).

You can find further details of their work on their website:

Video: UK Military Spending Briefing

1 hour 22:42 minutes

Guest speakers:

  • Dr Kate Hudson, General Secretary of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament – CND
  • Dr Stuart Parkinson, Executive Director of Scientists for Global Responsibility
  • Deborah Burton, co-founder of Tipping Point North South
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